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Youth meet for climate: "Another world is possible with us."

The young people who came together at the Climate Diplomacy Week, organized with the slogan "The perfect climate for change", shot a short film called "Tomorrow's Plate" to draw attention to both the climate crisis and food waste.

The short film was prepared with the contribution of 8 young people from different cities within the scope of the “Youth Meet for the Climate” Short Film Workshop, realized in partnership with ICHILD and STGM, supported by the European Union.

In the short film, young people underlined that enough food is produced in the world for everyone, but that the unjust food sharing and lack of a fair order cause poverty and waste. While 1/3 of the food produced and consumed in the world every year goes to waste, 14.5 million tons of 33 million wastes collected in a year are food and nutrition products.

Young people, who say they are worried about the climate crisis, want urgent and effective steps to be taken.

Highlights of the short film prepared by the youth;

  • In the future, I want to see sunflower fields, not skyscrapers.
  • If we can protect our food in solidarity, we can save the future of our world.
  • In olive cultivation, one year is "available" and another year is "absent year". But now it's always a "non-existent" year, as the precipitation has decreased.
  • Rainfall in the Black Sea is gradually decreasing and the water-loving hazelnuts are decreasing every year. Agricultural workers here are also unemployed. That's why climate justice, social justice!
  • The land suitable for coffee production will be reduced by half by 2050. It's the climate crisis. I don't want to live without coffee.

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