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Yuva Association is Seeking a Capacity Building Officer for the Global Literacy Network

Yuva Association is seeking a teammate to serve as the Capacity Building Project Manager for the EU project it has been implementing since 2020.

Basic Responsibilities
Expanding the Global Literacy Network, tracking and reporting on the activities of the established network, organizing and following up on project activities such as festivals, workshops and field visits abroad, preparing required and specified project documents and reporting on time.

Location: Istanbul, working mainly from home
Start date: no later than 01.11.2022
Duration of the position: Until 30.09.2023

Job Description

  • Liaise and maintain communication with CSOs working in the fields of environmental sustainability, conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  • Support the expansion of the network established with these CSOs,
  • Monitor and report on the activities of the established communication network,
  • Supporting the preparation of the activity plan in the framework of the project,
  • Organization, implementation and follow-up of project activities such as festivals, workshops, study visits abroad,
  • Supporting the establishment of communication and cooperation with communities and local government institutions within the project,
  • Preparing a monthly report of all work done and passing it on to the coordinator.
  • Organizing promotional activities for the project activities,
  • Participating in the preparation of written and visual materials for the media, website and other promotional activities
  • Participate in visits to institutions and organizations, if assigned
  • Participate in internal and external capacity building and advocacy meetings and trainings, as required,
  • Prepare required and specified project documents and report in a timely manner, assist in the preparation of project reports.

Required Qualifications

  • Open to innovation, willing to develop, inclined to work in a team, interested in environmental and advocacy issues, has sufficient knowledge and is aware of developments related to his/her job,
  • Observational and communication skills, solution oriented, work principles, responsible,
  • Ability to communicate and report in English,
  • Have no travel restrictions and willing to work weekends (if working weekends, vacation will be used on weekdays).
  • Have a driver's license (and capability).


  • A minimum of four years of volunteer or professional experience in environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation, and/or environmental policy making
  • At least five years working for an CSO or international institution in the environmental field is an asset.


  • Bachelor's degree (from a university or equivalent accredited institution, preferably project coordination or environmental or political science);
  • Experience in advocacy, policy making, policy note terminology and practices

Computer skills

  • Proficient use of MS office programs (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to master and actively use online educational tools
  • Grammar
  • Advanced level of English (writing, comprehension, and speaking).

Application Process
Interested individuals can submit their updated CV and motivation letters in English by October 17, 2022.
They can send them to [email protected].

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