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The application process for the Eastern Marmara Development Agency Technical Assistance Program Continues

"The general purpose of the Technical Assistance Program is to support the work of local actors operating in the TR42 Level 2 Region, which can contribute to regional development, but encounter difficulties in the preparation and implementation stages due to the lack of institutional capacity.

Based on this purpose, Result-Oriented Programs (SOP) including medium-term sub-programs, projects, and activities have been designed by our Agency to set forth our measurable results and output targets in line with our Regional Plan to realize the development goals of our region.

Within the priorities indicated in the call, Priority 6 and 7 are suitable for the applications of non-governmental organizations, unions, and cooperatives:

Priority 6

  • Results-Oriented Programs (SOP)
    • Training and consultancy activities in areas that are considered to contribute directly to the general and specific objectives of the Result-Oriented Programs in the 2021 Work Program
    • Strategic Management Consulting Result Oriented Program
    • Result-Oriented Program for the Development of Vocational and Technical Education
    • Destination Management in Tourism Result-Oriented Program

Priority 7

  • In matters other than Result Oriented Programs;
    • Increasing institutional capacity, preparing programs and projects in areas that are compatible with national, regional, and local plans/programs and can contribute to local and regional development,
    • Training and consultancy activities to develop innovative services/solutions suitable for the needs and demands of the disadvantaged women, children, and young population in our region.

Pre-feasibility2 studies for the private sector or public investments in areas that will contribute to regional development.

(2) Pre-feasibility report is expected to be prepared under the format (Annex 3: Project Proposal Form) in the “2021-2023 Period Investment Program Preparation Guide” of T.C. Presidency of Strategy and Budget.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The activities to be carried out within the scope of the technical support applications to be made must be matched by associating them with only one of the above-mentioned priorities, and the matched priority must be clearly stated in the application form filled out through KAYS.

Activity Budget:

  • Priority 6: 20.000 TL
  • Priority 7: 15,000 TL

Application Periods:


For detailed information please click the link.

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