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101-Introduction to Civil Society

About the training

Are you ready to examine the genetics of the concept of civil society which we frequently use in our daily life as a simple adjective phrase. When does a society become civil? When, why and how do people form a society? How did we come from the individual to community from community to political actor? 

In this course we attempt to search the genetics of civil society. We discuss the birth of the concept, its current situation, and its future both historically and theoretically.  

What will you learn?
  • You will explore the differences of human communication, communication skills and abstraction ability and the background of human’s capacity to organize and cooperate.
  • You will take a look at the theoretical discussions on the concept of civil society, you will define the relationship between civil society and politics, public sphere, power, democratization and urbanization.
  • You will remember certain milestones of humanity’s long political transformation, you will position civil society development within political history.  
  • You will receive information on the fundamental principles and international standards of freedom of participation and association which is the sine qua non for a strong civil society. You will examine the effects of recent economic and political transformations, digital communication and information tools on the development of civil society and new forms of organization, and look at how these have opened the door to a transformation in civil society,
  • You will have information about the historical development of the concept of civil society in Turkey.
How much time should you spare?

The face to face training of 101-Fundamentals of Civil Society course lasts three days. 

If you’ve decided to attend 101-Fundamentals of Civil Society online-only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the time you set. We recommend that you spare 2 hours a day and complete the entire program in 2 days.  101-Fundamentals of Civil Society include 1,5 hours of video content, 1,5 hours of podcast content. Reading materials take 1 hour. In other words, the total duration of all content is 4 hours. 

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4 saat/kendi hızınızda
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Ulaş Bayraktar
Ulaş Bayraktar

Ulaş Bayraktar, a graduate of Galatasaray University Public Administration, completed his master's and doctoral studies at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences. Bayraktar, who worked as a faculty member at Mersin University, Department of Public Administration until he was dismissed from the public service with the Decree-Law of April 29, 2017, and made researches and publications mainly in the fields of local administrations, urban politics, public policies and politics of commons; Since then, as one of the founding partners and employees of Kültürhane, he has been trying to continue his business differently.

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