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Conference: censorship against LGBTI + in media

Susma Platform and Kaos GL are organizing a conference on May 29, where there will be different sessions on censorship against LGBTI + in media, publishing, and arts, and other violations of freedom of expression which LGBTI+s are faced.

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At the online conference to be held on Saturday, May 29, between 13.00-18.00, LGBTI + 'freedom of expression, censorship, hate speech, and ways to combat discrimination will be discussed under the headings of media, broadcasting, and art.

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The conference will start with the opening speech of Yıldız Tar from Kaos GL and Alican Acanerler from Susma Platform. Tar will touch on LGBTI + representations in the media in the light of the Kaos GL Media Monitoring Report. Acanerler, on the other hand, will share the prominent results regarding LGBTI + from the "Censorship and Self-Censorship in Turkey" reports.

In the first session of the conference, Kaos GL Legal Coordinator Att. Kerem Dikmen, "Can there be an Island of Hate in the Sea of ​​Freedom of Expression?" will pursue the question and share examples of censorship from the media and the legal field. Dr. İdil Engindeniz, on the other hand, "How Does Hate Speech in the Media Affect the Freedom of Expression of LGBTI +?" She will discuss hate speech and freedom of expression in the media from yesterday to today. The moderator of the session is Yıldız Tar.

In the publishing session, which is the second session, Oya Burcu Ersoy, one of the editors of the book set of Aşkın L * Hali, will explain both the set and the areas opened by the Woman to Woman Story Contest from past to present. Then, Hatice Kapusuz will talk about the censorship of children's books with the title "Censorship and the Obscene Board in Children's Literature". The moderator of the session is Umut Güven, editor of Kaos GL magazine.

Art will be discussed in the last session of the conference. In the session titled "Freedom of expression and censorship in art", Aylime Aslı Demir from Kaos GL Ankara Queer Art Program, Özgür Can Taşçı from TAPA, and Arya Zencefil from the Pink Life Queer Artists Solidarity Network will talk about the possibilities of solidarity against censorship. Kültigin Kağan Akbulut from Argonauts and Silence Platform will take part in the session as a moderator.

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