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CSO - Academy Cooperation Program

CSO - Academy Cooperation Program is one of the studies of STGM conducted with the aim of strengthening the relationship between non-governmental organizations and academia in Turkey. In addition to the training and publication activities carried out within the scope of this program, there is also a financial support mechanism that supports joint works.

CSO-Academy Collaboration

It is frequently drawn attention to the fact that the cooperation between the organized civil society and academia, which is in fact a part of it, is below the level than it should be in Turkey. However, the knowledge and experience produced in academia have an important potential for studies based on evidence/information/data, to fill in the gap faced by the non-governmental organizations in the field. On the other hand, the activities of non-governmental organizations are also an important field for academic studies. Ensuring the knowledge and observations of non-governmental organizations meet the theoretical and field studies produced in the academic field will ensure the development of both academic knowledge and the capacity and activities of CSOs.

In our opinion, CSO-Academy Cooperation Support Program would provide a modest ground for this meeting. 

Who is the target group of the CSO-Academy Support Program?

The target group of the CSO-Academy Support Program is non-governmental organizations. Therefore, applicants of the program must be an association, foundation, or cooperative legal identities of CSOs.

The CSOs that have a rights-based approach in their field of activity has been planned to be primarily supported. Due to the nature of the supports, the applicant CSO must have activities in the fields of advocacy and/or policy follow-up or aim at these activities. 

Which partners are supported by the CSO-Academy Support Program?

CSO-Academy Support Program supports the applicant CSO’s partnership with an academician or academic institution. The definition and scope of this joint work must be clearly stated in the application. This common activity should absolutely coincide with the founding purpose and activities of the organization. In addition, the duration, purpose, target group and outcomes of the proposed activity must be clear and comprehensive enough to allow an accurate assessment.

Fundamental Rules of the CSO-Academy Support Program

  • CSO-Academy Cooperation Support Program is an in-kind support program. Therefore, no cash transfers are made to organizations that are awarded support.
  • Considering the minimum and maximum support amounts, STGM covers the eligible expenditures of the applications awarded with support. The payment of the expenditures made within the scope of the approved budget items, which is the subject matter of the request is directly made by STGM to the suppliers / third parties.
  • A CSO can only receive support once from the Support Program.
  • More than one CSO can apply to the program as co-applicants.
  • The activity to be supported must have at least one academic partner. A partner can participate in more than one application.
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