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Digital Governance and Communication Training Applications Started

We continue the digital empowerment trainings of the CSO Resource Center Project, which we are executing financed by the European Union, with Digital Governance and Communication Training. We will conduct Digital Governance and Communication Training with mixed (synchronous and asynchronous) online methods.

What do we aim in Digital Governance and Communication Training?

In the Digital Governance and Communication Training, it is aimed to define the identity of the CSO, position it and plan its communication activities within the framework of value proposition, targets, and target audience, on the other hand, network-based organization, digital participation processes, quality content and message creation are discussed. Besides, the principles of social media communication and the algorithmic features of social media platforms are explained. Basic information about social media listening and measurement; various vehicles and services are introduced. It is aimed to increase the capacity of CSOs to make themselves with subjects such as visual production and basic video editing.

What is in the content of Digital Governance and Communication Education?

  • Digital communication and digital governance
  • Network-oriented digital governance
  • Listening and measuring in digital
  • Digital participation tools
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Social media communication
  • Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and Tiktok)
  • Website and communication tools
  • Digital communication plan
  • Practical applications with workshops and assignments
  • Online video and image production, editing tools
  • Additional resources and lecture notes

Group I: 1-8 December 2020 (Simultaneous lessons: 1-4-8 December)
Group II: 22-28 December 2020 (Simultaneous lessons: 22-24-28 December)

The language of education is Turkish. You can get detailed information about the application on the Turkish page.

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