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The Film About Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union is On Air

As part of the Sivilog: Deepening Active Dialogue project, Turkey's EU accession process was filmed.

The film, titled "Turkey's Accession Process to the European Union: A Brief History of Time and Major Developments," examines Turkey-EU relations under 4 main themes: History, Competitive Growth, Fundamental Rights and Social Welfare, and the Green Agenda.

While the historical turning points of the relationship are mentioned in the History title, the other three titles deal with important developments thematically.

While the Competitive Growth title covers topics such as exports, SMEs, research and innovation, and transportation, the Fundamental Rights and Social Wellbeing title talks about women's and children's rights, gender equality, civil society, public services, and exchange programs.

Finally, under the "Green Agenda" heading, topics such as climate change, waste management, water-air pollution, which have become familiar to us in recent years, are discussed.

Click to watch the film.

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