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First Game for Boys 'Adventures of a Family Man'

Designed and developed by the Mavi Kalem Association in 2021, Family Man is the first mobile game produced by a civil society organization for men.

How does a game support the empowerment of women and girls?

Family Father, which is about the adventures of a family consisting of a father, mother, sister, brother, child and baby, aims to do just that. The game is designed for men and progresses as the father makes decisions that determine the life of the family. The person playing the game must consult with other family members when making these decisions in order to achieve a high score, that is, to succeed in the game. Here is the secret.

Adventures of a Family Man contains many storylines such as the mother's work, the sister's reading, domestic violence and the father's parenting duties. Each play is focused on gender equality and aims to raise the actor's awareness of this approach. The play is aimed at men who are family fathers or family father candidates in real life. Family men who play the game over and over to improve their score find that they can make different choices in the face of the same events. Family Man aims to show what different options and choices mean for the family and pave the way for changes in the players' lives.

This adventure is calling you too!



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