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The Freedom of Belief Initiative Call to Report Hate Crimes Based on Religion, Belief or Non-Belief

The Freedom of Belief Initiative (IOG) continues to monitor hate crimes based on religion, belief, or non-belief. You can also send your hate crime notifications to IOG via the form.

You can send the details of hate crimes that you are aware of, that took place in 2021 and that target religious or belief communities or non-believers, to IOG until 20 April 2022 via the form.

You can report a hate crime based on religion, belief, or disbelief from the link here.

If you want to make a report without using the form, you can send the details about hate crimes to the institution at [email protected]. The initiative continues to monitor not only for 2021 but also for 2022. Therefore, the form will be available after April 20.

Freedom of Belief Initiative had published the 2020 report on Religion or Belief Based Hate Crimes in Turkey to increase the visibility of these crimes to combat hate crimes. In addition, the reported data is shared with international human rights monitoring mechanisms and used as a substantial advocacy tool.


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