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"Guide to Mapping Donors and Charitable Institutions" and "Innovative Financing Methods Guide for CSOs" were published as part of the Migration and Civil Society Project.

Within the scope of the "Migration and Civil Society Project" carried out by the General Directorate of Migration Management, "Guide for Mapping Donors and Charitable Institutions" and "Innovative Financing Methods Guide for CSOs" were prepared in the study of Researching CSO Funding Mechanisms to Support the Sustainability and Independence of CSOs.

“Mapping of Donors and Charitable Institutions” is a guide that maps institutions, organizations, and programs that provide financial support to NGOs operating in the field of migration. The guide will support NGOs in obtaining information about funding agencies and accessing funding sources. The guide provides technical information on project development as well as information on financial supports. Online links are provided for each funding source in the digital version of the guide. As stated in the guide, the most up-to-date information should be obtained from the relevant websites.

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“Guidelines for Innovative Financing Methods for CSOs” has been prepared to strategically review non-fund resource opportunities for CSOs and to support them in planning new ways to finance their activities. It has been prepared for the need of CSOs to use various methods besides fund-oriented fundraising methods to ensure their sustainability. While the guide is useful for CSOs working in the field of migration, it will also be useful for businesses and municipal authorities, and other donor organization stakeholders interested in exploring more sustainable ways to fund CSOs' work in the field of migration.

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You can find the digital versions of the guides below.
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