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Guide to Innovative Financing Methods for NGOs

This Guide has been prepared as a source of information and inspiration. It is not a comprehensive handbook on fundraising but should be used as a guide for any NGO looking to strategically review resource opportunities and begin planning for new ways to finance their operations. The guide will be particularly useful for newer and smaller NGOs working with or for migrants in Turkey, but also more mature NGOs and other more mature NGOs, such as businesses and municipal authorities, interested in exploring more sustainable ways to fund their work in the migration field. It will also be useful for stakeholders. The guide is presented in six sections:
Author / Editor:
Author / Editor:
Simon Forrester
Musa Copur, Hakkı Çamur, Yağmur Bayındır (Eurasia Social Change)
Publishing Date:
Fund Raising
Technical Assistance Project for Cooperation with Civil Society in the Field of Migration and International Protection
Publisher: Eurasia Social Change
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October 2022