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How Should the European Union's Support for Civil Society Continue?

Have your say in the programming process of EU support to civil society. The European Union has launched a consultation process for the programming process of its support to civil society in Turkey. The deadline for the contributions to the programming process of EU programs is January 26, 2023.

The contributions to the consultation process will be taken into account in determining the programs to be supported by the EU and will serve as a source of inspiration for new projects to be developed.

How can you contribute? 

Over the past two decades, EU support has become one of the most important resources for the development of civil society in Turkey. In order for the EU to achieve the targets of this support, the participation of civil society in the planning phase is of great importance. For this reason, we are conducting a consultation process with the EU Delegation to Turkey to make the planning process more participatory.

Detailed technical information about the programming process of EU support to civil society and projects implemented in previous years can be found here. This consultation process is intended to contribute to the planning of the Civil Society Facility (CSF) for 2024-2025 under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, or IPA.

Have your say too!

We have prepared 5 questions on planning EU support to civil society. We are waiting for you to give us your opinion with your answers to these questions.

  1. To what extent has EU support met the needs of civil society organizations so far? How do you think the current EU programs can be better implemented?
  2. What do you think are the most important needs of civil society organizations in Turkey that the EU can support?
  3. What kind of support do you think the EU should provide to strengthen CSOs in Turkey?
  4. Is there any issue or problem area that you think the EU should provide more support? What issues should be prioritized?
  5. What do you think can be done to enable CSOs to contribute more to Turkey-EU relations and the EU support planning in Turkey?

You can send us your opinions and suggestions on these questions by e-mail to [email protected] by January 26, 2023.

We will collect your contributions and opinions and report them to the EU Delegation to Turkey. Furthermore, we plan to publish these contributions (after your approval) on the STGM website. If you would like your contributions to remain anonymous and not be published, just let us know.

Register for the briefing

If you would like to learn more about the EU's support for CSOs and the consultation process, you can attend the information session, which will take place on January 10, 2023 at 14:00.

Please register for the information session here.

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