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INVITATION TO A Collective Learning Experience Themed “Changing Today, Change in Today: Arendt and Totalitarianism”!

If we look back at the 20th century, based on Hannah Arendt's thoughts on totalitarianism, one of the important names in political philosophy, what kind of process would we encounter?

beraberce akademi

Were the wars and revolutions of this century contradictory phenomena, or was it possible to see their common denominator? By what means did totalitarian governments exist? When we think around the meaning that Arendt gives to the present, how does a totalitarian past connect or can it connect with the future? How would you like to think about the concept of totalitarianism together around Arendt's repertoire by multiplying the questions? We would like to see you among us on September 21-22.

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  • Deadline: 16.09.2021

Program Days and hours:

Group: 21.09.2021 – 22.09.2021 14:00-17:00
Group: 21.09.2021 – 22.09.2021 19:00-22:00

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