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Local Media Database Survey Published

"Local Media Database Research" carried out by the Media Research Association (MEDAR) with the support of the ETKİNE EU Program was launched.

In this study, which constitutes the first census research focusing on local media in Turkey, we aimed to determine all local institutions operating in 81 provinces and the basic demographic data of these institutions. Within the scope of the project, which was carried out for 8 months between July 2020 and February 2021, a mixed research methodology consisting of two stages and supporting each other as a method was applied. At the first stage, all currently existing databases and press lists were examined, and provincial-based special web searches were carried out to identify existing institutions that serve as a reference for the local media space in Turkey. As a result of this detailed desk scan, it was determined that 3240 local institutions were operating in the local media. In the second phase of the research, omprehensive field research was carried out to confirm the data obtained during the desk scan and to collect the data that could not be reached during the scan, and a survey was conducted with 1222 local media institutions. In line with the analysis of the data obtained within the scope of the project and the findings, "Local  Media Data Base Research Report" was created, which reveals the current status and demographic profile of the local media in Turkey.

With this work we carry out, we aim to increase the visibility of the struggle for survival of local media institutions and the obstacles to freedom of the press in the local area. In this context, the "Understanding Local Media in Turkey" research series, which we took the first step with the Local Media Database Research, will continue with a quantitative field study that deeply examines the professional problems and obstacles faced by local journalists.

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