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Make Use of STGM Publications

STGM Publications were prepared in line with the needs of CSOs and researchers. You may access all our prepared publications online and download them on your computer if you wish.

STGM Publications Are Prepared for Various Purposes

As STGM, we have continued our publishing activities since the year 2004 that marked our organization's founding, to support capacity building actions of CSOs, contribute to the discussions and studies in the civil society field, and detailing the topics coming up on the agenda of civil society. Since the day our organization was founded, we have diversified our publications with the widespread use of digital technologies, and we also added information notes for providing generalized information as well as the guidebooks for being put to practical use by CSOs. We also continue to present TACSO publications to the civil society as the Resource Centre of the TACSO Project on the web page. 

All content is available herein.

STGM Publications are free to use

You may access all STGM Publications on our website. We send any of our publications with prints still available to the CSOs without requesting any fees other than the shipment fee.

You may use STGM Publications in your studies by giving references and may propagate their electronic versions as you will. However, the copyright of the publications belongs to STGM. Thus, we would like to remind you that giving a reference is compulsory if part of the whole of the publications is to be used.

For more information, you may always reach us over the e-mail [email protected] 

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