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A More Accessible Public Administration

While the legal environment sets the preconditions for a conducive environment for civil participation, the institutional environment is crucial for the interpretation and implementation of legislation. In this context, existing structures for civil society participation in decision-making processes need to be better understood and monitored. Furthermore, developing the capacity in the field, strengthening existing networks and creating new networks stand out as an important need.

Within the scope of the component, which is designed as a continuation of the monitoring of public-civil society cooperation carried out by STGM and TÜSEV, the participation mechanisms of public institutions will be regularly monitored, and developments will be shared with civil society organisations. We will also monitor, the prominent participation mechanisms of the Grand National Assembly, ministries, other public institutions, and local authorities. Also, we will examine civil society engagement processes of international organizations. 

Main Activities:

  • Monitoring of the participation mechanisms and sharing the developments with CSOs
  • Facilitation activities for enhancing the participation and contribution of CSOs to the works of international organisations,
  • “Mapping of the Public Funding to Civil Society in Turkey and Recommendations” and “EU Civil Society Support in Turkey: Assessment and Recommendations” reports by STGM,
  • Organisation of periodic subject-based meetings, seminars, and study visits to examine EU good practices for increasing the cooperation with public institutions,
  • Development of a model proposal to strengthen the online consultation processes in Turkey in line with the global developments on participatory democracy and e-democracy.
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