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More Effective CSOs with Organizational Capacity Building Trainings

Another action component managed by CSO Resource Centre towards ensuring that civil society organizations are strengthened, increasing their impacts and supporting their presence is organizational capacity building trainings. In the scope of organizational capacity building trainings aiming to increase the efficiency and qualification of civil society organizations, training courses are provided for topics that civil society organizations may have need of ranging from organization management to planning and from project cycle management to monitoring and evaluation.

In the first course of the organizational capacity building trainings, we handle the fundamental concepts and approaches in civil society. In this training titled as Fundamental Concepts and Approaches in Civil Society, topics such as the historical development of civil society, civil society's relation with and contribution to change, advocacy and participation are included. 

Through the CSO Management Training with which we aim to contribute to the improvement of CSOs' management capacities and their fundraising capacities and informing them of their legal liabilities, we also introduce the fundamental analysis instruments that are necessary for the organizational development of CSOs. 

In the CSO Strategic Planning Training, topics such as the relation of civil society with change, the theory of change, strategic planning processes, strategic objective, problem analysis, stakeholder analysis and SWOT analysis are included. 

In the CSO Communication and Public Relations Training, which we organize for the purpose of strengthening the CSOs capacity for communication and public relations activities, topics such as target group, stakeholder, new media tools, and effective use of local and national media are discussed. 
In the Project Cycle Management Training, through which we aim to strengthen the CSOs' capacity for project development and planning process evaluation, we handle significant topics that require attention during project preparation and implementation such as project cycle general principles, problem and stakeholder analysis, budget, and activity plan preparation. 

In the CSO Monitoring and Evaluation training, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the capacities of civil society organizations in regards to their monitoring and evaluation actions, we conduct studies towards providing fundamental knowledge to CSOs in regards to concepts such as social impact, assessment, monitoring and evaluation and analysis, and strengthening the capacities of CSOs in regards to indicator and target definition, data collection techniques and evaluation and reporting.

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