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Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD)

DCDD is a Dutch national coalition that incorporates development cooperation organizations, disability organizations and organizations providing services for people with disabilities. In addition, DCDD is an international network of organizations and individuals working on these issues.

Purposes and The Way of Work

The main goal of DCDD is to ensure that the issue of disability is given due importance on the agenda of development support programs at both the political and the general level of society. In parallel, it is aimed to include the issue of disability in development and poverty reduction programs, to clarify and eliminate the link between disability and exclusion from society, and to improve the sharing of knowledge and experience among all individuals and organizations operating in the field of disability.

Membership and Membership Requirements

Organizations or individuals supporting the DCDD's goals and mission can become a member of the network. As the DCDD is a Dutch (and European) national organization, its coalition membership mainly includes Dutch organizations and individuals. On the other hand, DCDD has decided to incorporate organizations of persons with disabilities from southern countries and Eastern Europe who want to participate in its global network.

Organizations and individuals who want to contribute can get more information about membership by contacting [email protected] or fill out the application documents at and send them to this address.


Address: DCDD visit and mailing address
Havensingel 26
5211 TX ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 73 518 94 20

Email: [email protected]




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