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European ECO Forum

It is a network of more than 200 environmental organizations spread across Europe. ECO Forum acts within the framework of official Pan-European cooperation principles.

Purposes and the Way of Work

The Pan-European ECO Forum is a comprehensive coalition of sustainable development NGOs (NGOs working in related fields such as human rights and health as well as environmental NGOs) who want to participate in official Pan-European processes (Environment for Europe Ministerial Conferences as well as related processes such as Environment and Health, Environment and Transport, Environment and Agriculture etc.) and whose ultimate aim is to develop and develop sustainable development at European and global level.

Working groups of the European ECO Forum focus on the following topics: Community Engagement Campaigns, Energy and Climate, Environment and Health, Biodiversity, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Education, Water, Values for a Sustainable Future, Central and Eastern Europe Environmental Action Plans, Local Issues.

Membership Criteria

NGOs located in the UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) region and operating for the above-mentioned purposes can be members of the European ECO Forum. To apply for membership, it is necessary to send an application letter to the secretariat during the year or to register to attend the general assembly.


Email: [email protected]  



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