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SOS Children's Villages International

SOS Children's Villages International is a non-governmental, non-political and non-denominational federation providing specialist care and support in child and youth development programmes for children and young people at risk of losing parental care or who have lost parental care, as well as support for vulnerable families and support for people in need in the case of natural disasters or acts of war, in accordance with the SOS Children’s Village concept as created by Hermann Gmeiner and defined in the preamble.
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Purpose and Way of Working

SOS Children's Villages provide alternative families to children without adequate parental care. Children of different ages and background live together in a house with a full-time parent, usually a woman who serves as the children's parent. There are usually 6 to 15 houses in a typical SOS Village. In addition to the Villages, the organization also runs a whole range of programs and facilities to support socially disadvantaged and impoverished families through its subsidized kindergartens, primary and secondary schools,youth facilities social and medical centers, and emergency response relief operations . In 2017, over 85,000 children and youths are raised in 572 SOS Children's Villages and over 700 SOS Youth Facilities. Another 3.8 million children and adults received services from their other programs.

Membership and Membership Requirements

The Federation have ordinary members and honorary members.

Ordinary members are legal entities with legal capacity whose constitution, regulations or statutes shows them to have been founded with the sole aim of establishing, operating, managing, financing or supporting SOS Children’s Villages and other SOS programmes, or pursuing other activities corresponding to the objectives laid down in these statutes.

Honorary members are natural persons who are particularly supportive of the Federation’s objectives or have done the Federation great service. Honorary membership may only be conferred as long as the overall number of honorary members does not exceed 12.

A written application, to be submitted to the President of the Federation, is a prerequisite for affiliation to the Federation as an ordinary member. The decision on any such application shall be taken by the International Senate by a two-thirds majority

Contact Details

Headquarter: Innsbruck
Country: Austria
E-mail: [email protected] 

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