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Open Call Of Support To Life Association: (Hayata Destek Derneği): We Support Cooperatives And Social Enterprises!

We start to receive applications to identify partners in our support programme that contributes to strengthening participatory, democratic, equal and sustainable income models and contribute to the coherence of multicultural organizations. The deadline of applications is 9 April 2021.

About the Progamme

Support to Life Association will implement a programme with the support of UNHCR to support cooperatives and social enterprises. Within the scope of the programme, cooperatives and social enterprises which host local communities and refugees under TP and IP and operating in different parts of Turkey will be supported by a series of activities. Several activities such as increasing sustainability with income generating activities and strengthening both technical capacity and social cohesion will be provided to selected organizations in line with eligibility criteria.
The cooperatives and social enterprises who will benefit from the supports which will be drawn jointly in line with their needs can be provided with in-kind and financial supports.

Need Assessments and Scope of Supports

Applications for the support program will be received online and assessed according to the eligibility and evaluation framework specified in the “Application Guide”. Following the initial assessments, interviews will be conducted. As a result of these processes, ten (10) organizations that will benefit from the support programme will be selected.

Following above mentioned two-step evaluation, a needs analysis will be conducted with the selected organizations. In line with clarified needs, machinery, equipment, service or training supports will be provided to those organizations.

The selected organizations for the programme will be announced on social media accounts of Support to Life Association.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. To be a legal entity that contains qualifications of a social enterprise
    1. Commercial Enterprises of Foundations and Associations
    2. Cooperatives
    3. Companies aiming to create social impact (joint stock company, collective, limited, limited partnership)
  2. Social enterprises include refugees under TP and/or IP and members of local communities as members, partners, employees or beneficiaries.
  3. To prove that the profit (positive income-expense difference) is not distributed to its members or partners or that the distribution is restricted (for trading companies),
  4. To have a definition of income generating activity in its articles /charter of association.

Please click here for application guide.

Please click here for application web page

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