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Stratejik Planlama Eğitimi

STGM Training: CSO Management and Strategic Planning

Capacity Building Trainings of the Resource Center Project of STGM which is conducted with the financial aid of the European Union continue with “CSO Management and Strategic Planning” trainings. "CSO Management and Strategic Planning Trainings” will take place online with mixed (synchronous and asynchronous) methods.

In the trainings, we aim to strengthen CSO’s capacity on strategic planning as part of the holistic management approach. 

The deadline for application is 11 November 2020.

What is the content of the trainings?

  • Holistic CSO Management Approach 
  • Basic Concepts in Strategic Planning 
  • Preparing for Planning and Gathering Information  
  • Formation of Institutional Identity 
  • Methods of Analysis  
  • Target Analysis and Deciding On the Strategies 
  • Activity Planning and Budgeting 
  • The Layout of Strategic Plan Management 

"CSO Management and Strategic Planning” trainings will be held at two different dates with two different groups of participants. The content, experts and the training program will be the same. You can apply for the date which is convenient for you. You can see the training dates below:

Training: 18 November Wednesday-21 November Saturday 2020

Training:  25 November Wednesday-28 November Saturday 2020

The trainings will be held in Turkish. For more information about the application process, please check the announcement page in Turkish.  

For your questions about the trainings, please contact us at [email protected]

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