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M. Murat Özçelebi

Role in STGM:
Department / Project:
Monitoring Freedom Of Association Project
Project Coordinator

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations in 2005. After a short experience in the private sector, he started working in the public sector in 2006. Between 2010-2021, he served as Expert for EU Affairs and Coordinator in the Directorate for EU Affairs. During this period, he worked as the IPA II civil society sub-sector coordinator. He carried out the general coordination of the programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes of the projects within the scope of the civil society sub-sector. He also took part in all stages of EU projects carried out by the Directorate for EU Affairs.

He is experienced on civil society, capacity building, cooperation with local stakeholders, project cycle management, design and implementation of grant schemes, Jean Monnet Scholarship Program, project management trainings, technical document preparation for projects, tender and evaluation processes, reporting, visibility, communication, event design and moderation.

In November 2021, he started to work as a project coordinator at the Civil Society Development Center Association (STGM).