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The Video Series: "The Basic Issues of Fundraisings" Is On-Air

The program, in which 20 NGOs benefited from EEA advocacy, institutional capacity strengthening trainings, coaching and digital tool support, also aimed to produce short informative videos that NGOs could apply within the framework of their needs. Our series of training videos, which are available on Youtube, continues today with "Fundamental Development Basic Topics".

Prepared and presented by Ebru Tiftikcioğlu, the video series titled "fundamental development fundamentals" provides basic information on almost all issues that are important in resource management of an NGO.   

Ebru Tiftikcioğlu:

I started Fundraising in 1997 at Greenpeace Mediterranean. In my fifth year, I was the Resource Development Director of Greenpeace Mediterranean, which includes the countries of Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, and Malta. I am the person who started the face-to-face project in Turkey.

Afterward, I conducted fundraising pilot projects for Amnesty International in many countries such as Portugal, Poland, Chile, Israel, and Greece. In 2008-2009, I was the International Relations and Funds Manager of the 11th Istanbul Biennial at the İKSV Biennial Department. In 2011-2012, I started the fundraising efforts of Amnesty Turkey. In addition to working for many international NGOs such as Unicef, WWF, I have mentored and coached many NGOs, and I still do.

I took part in the six semesters between 2013 and 2020 of the 8-week Resource Development Certificate Program organized by the Fundraising School in cooperation with the Resource Alliance Fundraising School, and I provided training on Supporter Relations and Performance Measurement as well as Strategy Module Leadership.

While my primary interests are ecology and the women's movement, I am pleased to be involved in any work carried out to live in a better environment and society.   

Name of the training: Framework and Key Points of Fundraising       


Name of the training: Brief Introduction of Individual and Institutional Fundraising Tools   

Name of the training: Supporter Relationships and the Importance of Database in Fundraising


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