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Visual Archive Opened for Sexual Violence News

The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence (CŞMD) launched the website to encourage the use of rights-based visuals in sexual violence news and to make it easier for newsmakers to access images.

Through, which is developed to support a rights-based understanding, instead of a visual world that reproduces the myths about sexual violence while reporting sexual violence, it is possible to reach images that strengthen the victims of sexual violence and focus on the perpetrators of sexual violence.

Görsel arşiv

CSMD realized this work after the idea for creating a visual archive through taking into account the criticisms which are the scarcity of rights-based visuals, representational images taken from image banks and the visual pools of newspapers reproduce the false beliefs about sexual violence, the images used in the news do not respect the rights of those who are subjected to violence, and the same mistakes were made by repeating the previous news in the same way.