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We are Starting to Right to Participate Training

Within the scope of our Monitoring Freedom of Association Project financed by the European Union, we are starting Right to Participate training to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in advocacy and participation.

We will hold the first meeting of the 4-day training series, which deals with the right to participate in various dimensions, on 3-4 June 2022, and the second meeting on 17-18 June 2022.

Educational Content

3-4 June 2022

Freedom of association in national and international legislation

Advocacy, campaigning, lobbying techniques, information gathering

Evidence-based advocacy and research techniques

17-18 June 2022

CSO participation in law preparation processes

Local participation mechanisms (Legislation and practice)

Participation mechanisms in the central government

Participatory methods and participation

Both trainings will be held in Ankara. Accommodation and transportation expenses of those who will attend the training from outside the city will be covered by us.

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