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Working Group on Protection from Violence, Abuse and Neglect Conducts Survey

The Working Group on Protection from Violence, Abuse, and Neglect, which was established within the body of ECHA and includes 9 CSOs, wants to conduct a survey on our disabled children aged 0-18 who are exposed to violence, abuse, and discrimination.


The Rights of the Child with Disabilities Network (ECHA) is a network that was established in 2016 with the support of UNICEF and currently consists of 84 CSOs. EÇHA aims to make visible the rights of children with disabilities with its member civil society organizations, to protect these rights, to detect and prevent all kinds of violence, neglect, discrimination, and abuse of children with disabilities, deprivations, and violations of rights arising from the legislation, and indicator-based and evidence-based monitoring. and to strengthen the role of advocacy, that is, to carry out advocacy, lobbying, follow-up, and awareness studies, to share good practice examples, and to develop solutions.

The purpose of this survey is to statistically determine the abuse, violence, and neglect of children through disabled children or their caregivers. It is aimed to prepare a report anonymously only with the data we will obtain according to age, gender, and type of event. The more data is obtained, the more support will be provided to children exposed to abuse and discrimination, and more solutions can be found.

All members of society and CSOs must protect children with disabilities and ensure that they continue their lives by enjoying their human rights and freedoms equally without being exposed to discrimination, abuse, and neglect.

Come on, support ECHA!

Disabled children, their families or relatives, and anyone who has witnessed violence/neglect/abuse against a disabled child can fill out this questionnaire.

Click the link for the survey.
Deadline: Friday, July 9, 2021, 17.00

For detailed information [email protected]

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