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Akdeniz Adaları'ndaki Plastik Kirliliğini Azaltmak için Teklif Çağrıları

Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed) is seeking proposals to reduce plastic pollution at source by supporting effective solutions for a healthy Mediterranean, in collaboration with the public and private sectors, NGOs and the scientific community.

By supporting projects implemented by or in close collaboration with local stakeholders committed to combating plastic pollution on Mediterranean islands, BeMed aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Reduce plastic pollution at source and its impact on the marine environment through field initiatives acting before plastic reaches the sea, 
  • Implement environmentally and economically sustainable solutions, that have a long-term impact, 
  • Improve understanding of the local context in relation to plastic pollution (major sources, level of information among the population, waste  treatment system, regulations, main obstacles and challenges to implementing solutions, key stakeholders, etc.), 
  • Build partnerships and strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders, including by strengthening the BeMed-Islands Community,  
  • Reinforce and replicate the effective actions already underway in the Mediterranean.

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