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Localization Advocacy Group

The Localization Advocacy Group is an independent, local initiative committed to improving the work of civil society through localization.

The Localization Advocacy Group (LAG) is an independent, local initiative that works to strengthen local and national civil society organizations. It was founded by civil society organizations that believe that the civic space should be localised, starting with the humanitarian aid system, in order to better respond to the needs of communities particularly affected by migration, disasters and other humanitarian crises.

As the Localization Advocacy Group, we work to strengthen and coordinate local organizations.

The goals of the LAG are:

  • To be a platform for research, development, discussion and advocacy to create a more just and equitable humanitarian system,
  • To develop models for fair and equitable cooperation between local civil society organizations and international non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies and various funding institutions and to advocate for their dissemination,
  • To advocate for the development of humanitarian aid in which the people and communities affected by migration, disasters and other humanitarian crises decide on their own needs and solutions,
  • To improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in humanitarian crises and propose durable, sustainable and rights-based local solutions to prevent risks,
  • To support capacity building of local organizations working in the areas of migration, disasters and other humanitarian assistance.

You can view LAG's working methods and principles via the document below.
You can use the form here to apply for membership of the LAG.

To contact the secretariat, you can send an e-mail to [email protected].

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