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Applications Open for the All Ages Fund for the 2022 term

Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı has begun accepting applications for the All Ages Fund for the 2022 term.

The fund supports civil society organizations working in the areas of aging, women, health and education.

It is expected that at least one of the following approaches to supporting aging and the fields of aging will be the focus of submitted applications.

  • Projects of advocacy, cooperation and implementation in the context of access to services in the areas of technology, finance, etc., aimed at ensuring that the products and services produced in these areas are used on the basis of equality among citizens,
  • Studies that stimulate, implement and have the potential to model solutions to fundamental problems such as isolation, discrimination and employment faced by older people in their daily lives,
  • Studies and campaigns that aim to change discriminatory approaches to older people and aging,
  • Projects to address language discrimination against older people,
  • Activities that support institutions to develop common and lasting solutions for the benefit of older people through collaboration between civil society, the private sector, public institutions, and local governments,
  • Projects that enable older people to better participate in public life,
  • Dialog and cooperation projects carried out with the aim of developing synergy between civil sector actors and broadening the field of aging by promoting dialog and cooperation between the field of aging and other areas of civil society such as gender equality, human rights, disability, and youth,
  • Studies that focus on strengthening the attachment of living spaces with older people, especially in age-friendly cities,
  • Studies that put the issue of better aging on the agenda and support the preparation of other parts of society for aging and old-age perspectives, especially the upper-middle age group (and their subgroups such as women and the disabled),
  • Studies on the issue of poverty in old age,
  • Advocacy activities for the design and development of policies and legal infrastructure that improve the rights of older people in Turkey.

The total amount of the grant distributed to civil society organizations under the 2022 All Ages Fund is a maximum of TL 300,000. The applicant can apply for a maximum of 150,000 TL from the CSO grant program.

Organizations wishing to apply for the Fund must complete the application form in full and submit it by Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 18:00.

Detailed information about the Fund for All Ages (application requirements, evaluation criteria, and funding calendar) and the application form can be found here.

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