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Association of Access to Fair Trial Reports Human Rights Violations in Adana

The Association of Access to Fair Trial has reported on the events surrounding the 958th, 959th, and 960th weekly gatherings of the Saturday People, who convened in Istanbul's Galatasaray Square, in their press releases organized to support these meetings. The report documents the banning of press releases intended to take place on August 5, 12, and 19, 2023, as well as the obstruction of the right to assembly and protest marches.

According to the report, Adana Governorship issued a ban on all three press releases, and it was noted that those who gathered for the press releases were detained and subjected to physical abuse. The report states that Adana Governorship's bans are in violation of the articles of the Constitution that regulate the "Right to Organize Meetings and Demonstrations."

You can read the full report in the attached document.

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