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The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence Has Translated the Video "Encounter with a Child Statement About Sexual Abuse" into Turkish

The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence (CSMD) has translated into Turkish the video Meeting a Child's Sexual Abuse Statement, created by the NSPCC, which explains how we can approach a child who has experienced or witnessed abuse.

CSMD made the following appeal to adults in its video announcement:

"Our communication with the child who has reported abuse to us can help prevent secondary trauma that the child may be experiencing, stop ongoing abuse, and prevent possible abuse that children who have not yet reported or been exposed to violence may experience. It is never too late to address abuse. It's never too late to join the fight. Watch, listen, and share the video.


CŞMD also released the brochure "Responsibilities of Adults in Combating Sexual Abuse and Children's Right to Physical Voice" last June. You can access the brochure via the document below.

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