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CBN Seeks Volunteer Facilitators for “Democracy Workshops”

The Checks and Balances Network is organizing a 'Facilitator Training Program' for volunteer facilitators from all over Turkey to be assigned to the Democracy Workshops it will organize.

Individuals selected for the training program will receive training on the basic principles of facilitation, adult training, and conducting democracy workshops. They will then hold democracy workshops in their own cities.

Aims of the Training

• Develop the capacity of civil society volunteers to facilitate workshops so that they can hold DDA democracy workshops in their provinces
• To bring forward citizens' demands to the country's decision makers and policy makers using a participatory tool and with the help of civil society
• To remember the importance of being together to develop concrete solutions to common problems.

Content of the Training

The training will last 3 days, one day of theoretical knowledge transfer and two days of practical application, and will be held in Ankara. (Transportation and accommodation costs will be covered by DDA.) During the 3 days, theoretical and practical modules, basic principles of workshop facilitation and theoretical information about adult training will be taught, and practical skills will be developed through exercises that provide experience.

Application Criteria

• You are an actor in the civil sector (member/volunteer/employee of a civil society organization).
• You must be able to fully participate in the 3-day facilitation training.
• You must be able to adapt to the obligations of the democracy workshops;
• Commit to host at least 2 workshops in their own province after completing the training and actively participate in the process by the end of the workshops,
• Report on the workshops and submit the relevant papers and documents to the professional DDA team in a timely manner,
• Have good communication skills and be able to use digital tools at a basic level.

Training date: 16-17-18 December 2022

Deadline: December 4, 2022

You can find the application form here.

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