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502 - Gender and Mainstreaming

About the Training

Today, gender inequality and discrimination continue to show themselves in many areas such as employment, education, political and social participation. We observe that many gains achieved as a result of long struggles around the world are either under threat or there are great difficulties in their implementation.

Under these conditions, the historical and current struggle of feminist organizations and LGBTI+ organizations is of great importance for the defense and implementation of gender equality. However, we all live together in a social structure in which gender inequality plays a fundamental role and policies, programs and practices affect women, men and LGBTI+ individuals in different and unequal ways. The consequences of gender inequality particularly affect the work of civil society organizations working with vulnerable groups in civil society.

The title 502-Gender Equality and Mainstreaming was designed based on this point. In this respect, it includes concrete suggestions for us to take steps to make equality real and sustainable in the inner workings of our own organizations, in the projects and programs we carry out, by considering gender as a category that intersects with other social inequalities.

502- Gender Equality and Mainstreaming course content has been prepared by the Gender Equality Monitoring Association (CEID), one of the partners of the "Civil Society Capacity Building Center" project carried out by STGM and supported by the European Union under the Civil Society Facility (CSF).

What Will You Learn?
  • Gender and its basic concepts and discussions,
  • The historicity of the feminist and LGBTI+ struggle and the current appearances of the struggle for gender equality and current discussions,
  • Methods for mainstreaming gender and ensuring the sustainability of gender equality within your organization,
  • What tools can be used to carry out gender-sensitive monitoring based on data.
How Much Time Should You Spare?

All it takes is 3 days for the "502 - Gender Equality and Mainstreaming" course to be held face-to-face. This face-to-face training will take place between 08-09-10 March 2023.

If you have decided to participate in “502 - Gender Equality and Mainstreaming” online-only, good news! There is no set start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set. Our recommendation to you is to spend 1.5 hours a day and complete the entire program in 3 days. The video content in 502 - Gender Equality and Mainstreaming takes 3.5 hours and the reading materials take 1 hour. So the total duration of all content is 4.5 hours.

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