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Civil Society Self-regulation Principles (SÖZ)

In May 2019, we started a new study to support CSOs in their efforts to strengthen independence, autonomy, self-sufficiency, and governance activities. Since the study aims to develop an approach to be developed by CSOs for CSOs, we designed it as a Self-regulation Principles research and named SÖZ (voice) in the hope that it will allow civil society to speak for itself.

During the SÖZ study, which is carried out with the voluntary participation of many CSOs, we aim to enable our CSOs to define the basic principles of good governance with their own assessments and to make use of the internal initiatives of the civil society platform.
With the Civil Society Self-regulation Principles - SÖZ study, we aim to create a set of standards and principles that will have a positive impact on the organizational capacity and activities of CSOs in terms of internal and external aspects and can guide institutional development strategies. We try to reach this goal by benefiting from the knowledge and experience of our participating organizations.
What will the self-regulation principles that will emerge serve? We hope these principles guide organizations in their search for institutional capacity building. For this purpose, appropriate indicators of the common principles on the basis of the organization will be determined and a guidebook will be prepared that will help organizations evaluate themselves in the light of these indicators and shed light on possible development strategies in line with their missions.    
Beyond being a handbook, the SÖZ guidebook will also be used as a source in the trainings to be organized within the scope of STGM institutional development trainings.

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