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Institutional Capacity Supports

Institutional capacities of CSOs play a vital role to improve their forces and sustain their impact and influence areas. For this reason, STGM conducts activities and provides services to support organizations' institutional capacity-building efforts. Besides, with a more holistic view, we constantly share experience and develop collaborations with key stakeholders in order to identify the needs in the civic space and generate appropriate solutions.

Institutional Capacity Building Supports

STGM believes in the importance of the corporate systems that civil society organizations -which consist of groups of individuals- will develop collectively in accordance with their organizational management culture and values. The starting point of our institutional capacity building approach is that the institutional capacity will develop with an original approach to be identified by the organization itself with its own initiative and with a holistic insight. STGM walks along with organizations in their quests and solution-generation processes, in order to facilitate their courses and provide information and tools in the light of its own experience, along with international and local ones.

Institutional capacity building works, carried out by STGM vary in accordance with needs, requirements, resources and circumstances. STGM provides wide range of supports in this regard such as from one-shot and short-term training opportunities to longer-term institutional mentoring activities.

Institutional Capacity Building Process

If your intention is to carry out a process for the institutionalization of your organization, you should first to define an institutional development goal/model which will fit into your organization, and then map your current situation, using right indicators according to defined goal. Afterwards, you need to identify your priorities regarding the issues that you intent to improve. Subsequently, the efforts that will enable you to institutionalize in the prioritized issues should be applied by patience, determination, and a common will.

STGM created a “Capacity Development Model” for organizations that have the motivation of institutionalization by synthesizing its 15 years of local experience with universal knowledge in the field of civil society. The mentioned model also includes a “self-assessment tool” which will assist you to discover your corporate position concerning institutionalization. After reviewing resources in the “Organizational Development Tool” page of our website, if you desire to get further support for implementation, please contact CSO Support Point of STGM. You can benefit from STGM institutional capacity building trainings in addition to your efforts and the support that you can get from other institutions regarding the fields you need.

Institutional capacity building trainings of STGM cover a wide range of topics from basic political and theoretical discussions on civil society, organizational management, working with volunteers to legislation, project development, strategic planning, communication and public relations, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and creating a theory of change. 

Besides, you can always send an enquiry to the STGM CSO Support Point or request a more structured one-to-one support.

For more detailed information about these supports, click on the links below:

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