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Climate Literacy Training for Children and Young People aged 13-17 from Yuva Association

Yuva Association will organize face-to-face climate literacy training with children and youth aged 13-17 between 13:00 and 16:00 on Saturday, March 26 at the Museum Gazhane.

A limited number of participants will be accepted to the face-to-face training, which will be held in cooperation with the Museum Gazhane.

In the training, which will be held in three sessions for children and youth, the climate system, climate change and the effects of climate change will be discussed with various games and activities.

Pre-registration is required for the event, which is limited to 24 people.

The application form can be filled in by 23:59 on Thursday, March 24.

Accepted participants will be contacted on March 25.

Click the link to register::

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