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Climate Salad YouTube Channel is Online!

The brand-new Climate Salad YouTube channel, where you can view the climate crisis from different angles, has started broadcasting.

The climate crisis is undoubtedly the biggest problem of our time and many triggering factors are deepening this crisis day by day. The solution requires a collective effort that touches every element and involves everyone in the change.

The Climate Salad YouTube channel was launched in recent months to strengthen such a collective effort. Young people, climate activists, greenfluencers, experts, artists from all corners of Turkey and every individual who is concerned about our planet come together on this channel; searching for answers to their curiosity and sharing their own experiences and struggles.

The channel features many original videos that look at the climate crisis from different angles. On one side, young people direct their questions to experts and look for answers; on the other side, climate activists share their struggles and stories about change in their localities. Greenfluencers offer tips for waste-free, eco-friendly living, while videographers clarify confusing climate terms. Every Thursday, the channel posts a brand-new video and an inspiring story.

"Climate Salad," which is run independently of institutions and organizations, invites anyone who is committed to change and wants to share their story to join.


By subscribing to the channel, you can take another step and maybe your first step to fight the climate crisis.

If you would like to share your inspiring story and join the channel, you can contact us through the email address on the YouTube channel.

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