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Come, let us listen to stories together: Power Stories this time in Nevşehir with the theme "Devran Döner Gün Olur" (The day comes when the things change)

“Can we empower each other by listening and telling stories?” This time we are in Nevşehir with the stories of our new storytellers for our Power Stories meetings, which we started with the question.

Is it the things change when the day comes or when things change the day comes?

If you are ready to listen to the life-changing stories of women who have suddenly set out on their journey, we invite you to our Power Stories event with the motto "Devran Döner Gün Olur", which we will organize at the invitation of the Ürgüp Hamleci Konağı Sivil İnisiyatifi. (Civil Initiative of Ürgüp Hamleci Mansion)

We invite civil society employees, volunteers and everyone who is curious about the stories in the civic space to our meeting titled "Devran Döner Gün Olur", which will be held on Monday, April 29, 2024 at 17:00 in Ürgüp Hamleci Konağı.

Our event is limited to 20 people. The first 20 people to attend will receive an invitation.

"We will provide refreshments at our event, but travel, food and accommodation are the responsibility of the participants."

*Our event is intended for adult participants. It is not suitable for children to attend.

Click for the participation form.

For detailed information and questions you can write to [email protected].

Whose stories will we listen to?

Although Gülen Göz is an industrial product designer, she has spent the last years of her life mainly designing her own place in the world. She sees every component of life as a design element in different scales and methods and produces experimental solutions to the question "Can it be done differently?" in her own life and supports her endeavor to open new windows into the lives of people pursuing this problem by holding space in the Koan Academy, which she founded in 2021.

Ayça Yaltı is an academic who studied at the Faculty of Law. With the intention of doing justice to her states of being, she took it upon herself to explore herself first and foremost. The things that had accumulated in her as she came to know her own differences along the way slowly came out of his mouth after a long time. Since that day, she has been healing herself by sharing her own experiences with her troublemakers, as much as she can sort out from the fairground in her head.

Ayşe Yayla is a meyman(guest) who looks for ways to live in harmony and balance with all beings, who takes responsibility when necessary, who dedicates herself to improving the soil, nourishing it with water, planting seeds and working for her community, and who lives with it all, embracing the world and always opening herself to discovery.

Özge Çağlar a specialist psychologist and humanitarian worker, has been working with refugees, survivors of gender-based violence, capacity building and protection programs for over 6 years.

What are Power Stories Meetings?

Power Stories is the name of our meetings where we tell and listen to each other's stories. As nonprofit staff, volunteers and enthusiasts, we come together to tell stories. At "Power Stories", we hear firsthand real stories that have emerged in different channels of the civic space, reflect together with the storytellers' stories, and talk about how we can move forward together on the difficult paths of change.

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