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Competition Policy and Power Research Fund - Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO)

Applications are now open for the Competition Policy and Power Research Fund to promote research that will help combat excessive market power, by bridging gaps in current knowledge and supporting practical advances and innovations in the use of competition and anti-trust tools.

The Competition Policy and Power Research Fund seeks to build connections between researchers in this field and thereby promote a strong international and interdisciplinary network of researchers working on competition and monopoly power.

The Call is broad in scope, but the projects proposed should show how the research can advance, in concrete ways, the anti-monopoly agenda. This could be through links to policy advocacy, engagement with regulatory authorities or involve more innovative approaches to impact. It is also important that proposals can demonstrate what gap the research will fill and how it will be used by the proposing entity to achieve impact. Activities to share and workshop the research with key stakeholders can be covered by the Fund, but the expectation is the funding will primarily support research.

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