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dokuz8AKADEMİ Comes to Van!

dokuz8AKADEMİ organized election journalism training program for local media and citizen journalists will be held in Van on August 24-26.

Participants from the regions of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia can register for the free training.

The topics of the training program, which is open to local media organizations, local journalists who practice or want to practice active journalism, citizen journalists, students and representatives of civil society organizations, are as follows:

  • The digital transformation of media in the post-pandemic world, new media
  • The concept of news in the digital age and its transformation
  • Mobile-oriented video journalism for local media and citizen reporters
  • Election monitoring, detection of violations and reporting
  • Importance, salient aspects and dokuz8HABER experiences with election news monitoring in the context of election security
  • Rights-based approach to news and examples of applications in different areas
  • Social media and social media tools for news
  • Fake news and data verification in the digital age

You can apply for the training program here. After you fill out the application form, dokuz8AKADEMİ will call you. The transportation and accommodation costs of those whose application is accepted will be covered.

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