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Civilian history of Turkey is based on a long term and comprehensive background. It is possible to recognize the reflections of experiences derived out of this background by looking into knowledge generation. We have been collecting the compiled contents through e-library.

In Turkey, civil society organizations keep generating a range of projects regarding different areas of rights in accordance with their scope, and conduct field researches for which outputs of observations, experiences and activities are recorded. 

In STGM e-library, We Keep Collecting the Knowledge Generated by Civil Society

As STGM, we exert to compile pluralistic and productive outputs of civil society groups including a huge variety of actors such as LGBTI+, woman organizations, grassroots organizations for the disabled and life defenders.  Reports, publications, researches and interviews are available in STGM e-library.  We regularly update our e-library to spread studies of civil society, with our aim for strengthen the presence of civil society organizations in different spheres of activities. 

You can communicate your researches, documents and reports to [email protected] to be included in our e-library which is basically intended to serve as an indicator of productivity related to the civilian settings in Turkey.