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A Practical Guide for Monitoring the Gender Dimension of Freedom of Religion or Belief

The guide published by the Freedom of Belief Initiative aims to provide basic guidance on monitoring the gender dimension of freedom of religion or belief.
Author / Editor:
Author: Dr. Mine Yıldırım
Project team: Dr. Mine Yıldırım, Funda Tekin
Edited by: Funda Tekin
Translation: Gül Tekin
Design: Çağrı Karadağ
Cover Image: Nvard Yerkanian for Fine Acts
Publishing Date:
Freedom of Belief Initiative

A Practical Guide to Monitoring the Gender Dimension of Freedom of Religion or Belief;

  • An introduction explaining the basic concepts,
  • An overview of applicable international human rights law standards, 
  • A brief discussion on inclusive issues,
  • It includes a series of exemplary questions that can support human rights monitors to include a gender dimension in the systematic monitoring of components related to both the right to freedom of religion or belief and fundamental complementary rights.
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December 2023