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Election Campaign by the Checks and Balances Network: Our Eyes on Democracy

The Checks and Balances Network (CBN) has announced its "Our Eyes on Democracy" campaign in the context of the presidential and parliamentary elections that will take place on May 14th.

Bringing together nearly 300 civil society organizations, the Checks and Balances Network is calling for a pluralistic and participatory democracy ahead of the first elections of the second century of the Republic. During the campaign, the CBN aims to:

  • Contribute to the conduct of fair and free elections,
  • Ensure that political parties and citizens are aware of democratic election criteria,
  • Encourage citizens to act with an "active citizenship" consciousness and to exercise their democratic rights while making their voting choices,
  • Work towards overcoming polarization during the election process and facilitating communication between decision-makers, political parties, and society in order to address common demands.

To follow the campaign:


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