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EU Monitoring Network Communication Study Announcement: A Monitoring Story

Within the scope of the Partnerships and Networks Grant Program for Strengthening Cooperation between the Public and CSOs, supported by the Republic of Turkey and the EU, the European Foundation of Turkey (TAV), the Foundation for Life (YADA), and the Economic Development Foundation (IKV) “EU Monitoring Network – EU Monitoring Network” project, a communication study will be organized for 7 days to share the project outputs with civil society organizations and the public.

bir izleme hikayesi

Within the scope of the work to be carried out between 8-15 April, many new materials and project outputs will be shared with the public for the first time. How about watching us closely this week to be the first to know about the content? You can share your experiences or thoughts about our project, if any, by using the hashtags #birizlemehikayesi and #izlemeyiz on your social media accounts and publish this announcement text in your relevant channels and groups.

So what will happen in #birİZLEMehikayesi?

During this 7-day #birizlemehikayesi study, where the final outputs of the activities carried out within the scope of our EU Monitoring Network project will be shared:

  • 4 Monitoring Reports in 3 Thematic Areas
  • Social Impact Monitoring Guide
  • EU Literacy Guide
  • Impact of Civil Society Sector Research
  • EU Financial Support and CSOs Map

You can share this announcement and its content with people and institutions around you that you think might be interested.
Click for the content of the announcement.

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