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EU TACSO3: Call for Success Stories

EU TACSO 3 would like to hear from civil society and make visible their efforts to the wider public through publishing success stories of their work being done in influencing (national/local) sectoral policy dialogue(s).

The concept is to collect success stories that can be quoted as successful examples of cooperation of between either EU, regional, national or local institutions with civil society. The following are broad areas that can be taken into account for submitting inputs:

- Awareness raising for the need for policy dialogue;
- Building awareness of CSO work;
- Capacity building of CSO’s to engage in policy dialogue;
- Capacity building of state actors and civil servants to engage in policy dialogue;
- Development of civil dialogue mechanisms.
All inputs on good examples of CSO’s successes in influencing national or local sectoral policy dialogue(s) should be within the implementation of the grants received from IPA in the areas that particular CSO covers.

In order to help support the preparation of a Success story, a set of supporting documents have been prepared and are available through a link below:

A template for developing a Success story, which provides guidance on the structure of the story:

Template for the preparation of a Success story

A guideline on content and formatting instructions that should be taken into consideration when preparing a Success story:

Instructions for the development of a Success story

The deadline for submitting success story/good example is 23 December, 2020. The Success story should be submitted in English language.

Please, send your Success story to Valentin Neshovski, Communication Expert at [email protected]

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