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Fundraising Training from Civil Pages

Civil Pages organizes Fundraising Training together with Pikan Agency. The first part of the training will take place from 30 June - to 1 July, and the second part will take place on 7 July.

It will be a 3-step study that includes thematic information and practical applications within the framework of training, target audience, financial support, and sustainability. The training aims to support the knowledge and skill capacities of the participating institutions within the framework of the needs and motivations stated in the application forms.

The first step of the training will consist of the general concepts of resource development studies, and the second step will consist of activities for implementation. Participating institutions will have the chance to practice resource development simultaneously with the training. Campaign development and implementation efforts will constitute the third step of the training. Therefore, institutions applying for the training are expected to undertake to take an active part in the implementation, evaluation, and feedback stages of the training.

Deadline for application to training: June 23, 2022

Announcement of application results: June 27, 2022

Click to access the application  form.

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