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Hackathon Call for Undergraduate or Graduate Students: Data Visualization and Advocacy for Gender Equality

The Data Visualization and Advocacy for Gender Equality Hackathon will be held on 24-25 February 2024 in Kadıköy/Istanbul with the participation of undergraduate or graduate students in Media, Communication, Women's Studies, Statistics and other fields.

The hackathon takes place within the framework of the "Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Program on Gender Data and Statistics" implemented by UN Women within the scope of the "Strong Civic Space for Gender Equality" project implemented with the financial support of the European Union.

Six teams will compete in the Hackathon, which is designed to encourage innovative projects that combine gender data and statistics analysis, data visualization and advocacy to draw attention to the importance of gender equality and create concrete changes in this field. Teams are expected to analyze gender-related data and statistics and create an effective social media campaign using evidence-based and creative data visualizations.

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons (ideathon, datathon, etc.) are generally competition-type events where people who come together around a question(s) work in teams to develop solutions on a specified topic within a certain period of time, and in this process, participants develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. During the Hackathon program, participants are expected to access relevant gender data and statistics and use data visualization and data-driven storytelling and advocacy methods within the scope of an advocacy activity they have designed on a topic of their choice regarding gender-based discrimination and/or gender inequality. Participants are expected to produce original content for their target audiences and social media platforms in the context of these data and statistics. At the end of the second day, teams of participants from different disciplines will present their work and visual outputs and their work will be evaluated by the jury.

Application Details:

Applications for the hackathon will be made individually. Participants who meet the application criteria will be divided into 6 teams of 5 people each by the hackathon program coordinators and will carry out and present their work as a team. In order to prevent the possible imbalance of knowledge and experience among the teams, to strengthen the communication between students from different disciplines and to encourage learning and production practices together, applications will be received individually, not as a team, as the working teams will be formed by the coordinators.

* Accommodation and travel expenses of the participants who apply from outside Istanbul and whose applications are approved will be covered. The food and beverage needs of all participants will be provided by the project executing institutions at the venue where the Hackathon program will be held.

Who Can Apply?

To the Hackathon program,

  • Students pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in Media, Communication, Women's Studies, Statistics and other fields may apply.
  • Priority will be given to the applications of students who have previously participated in the Modular Training Program on Gender Data in Ankara, Adana and Istanbul.

Click here to apply .

You can reach the specifications from here

Hackathon Calendar

  • Call to Action:                                           February 06, 2024
  • Application Period:                                   February 06- February 14, 2024
  • Evaluation of Applications:                       February 15 - February 16, 2024
  • Announcement of Application Results:     February 17, 2024

Application Deadline Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 23:59

For more information: [email protected]

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