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How were Cooperatives Affected by the Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes?

Genc Isi Cooperative has published a quick assessment report on how cooperatives in the earthquake zone were affected after the February earthquakes. The 'Rapid Assessment Report', which summarizes the results of the work carried out with 38 cooperatives and 8 organizations to identify short, medium and long-term needs, conveys the needs and basic areas of intervention that should be considered in the reconstruction of the cooperative economy.

For the report, data was collected from representatives of 38 cooperatives and 8 organizations, based on the results of the survey conducted with representatives of the cooperative and social solidarity economy in the disaster area.

While the report noted that despite the obstacles, cooperatives are optimistic about continuing their activities in the province where they are located, it was emphasized that preventing migration from the region and returning could only be possible with support.

To read the report:

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